Iran earthquake felt in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

The 5.8 magnitude event was detected on Qeshm island in the Gulf The earthquake was recorded in the Gulf about 4.30pm on Sunday and felt across the Emirates.

Iran earthquake felt in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

An earthquake hit southern Iran on Sunday and was felt across the Gulf, including in the UAE.

The 5.8 magnitude event was reported on Qeshm island near the port city of Bandar Abbas about 4.30pm.

In Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah and the Northern Emirates swaying was felt by residents.Social media users said computer monitors shook near Downtown Dubai.

"Guys did anyone feel that tremor or am I really that dizzy?" Eman Mohammed wrote on Twitter.

"I felt my bed sway here in Abu Dhabi... #earthquake in a nearby country?," added Ursula Milani.

In Bandar Abbas, reports said glasses and plates rattled, buildings shook and three aftershocks were felt.

Iran lies on several major fault lines and seismic activity is common.

Last month, tremors were felt in the UAE when a 4.9 magnitude earthquake hit in southern Iran on January 28, the second in a month.

Iran's worst to date was the Manjil–Rudbar earthquake in 1990, which registered 7.4 on the Richter scale and left as many as 50,000 people dead.