China, India play blame game over shooting at tense border

Beijing says it took "countermeasures" after Indian troops fired aerial shots during a confrontation with Chinese personnel on the border of disputed Kashmir.

China, India play blame game over shooting at tense border

India and China are blaming each other for violating a bilateral agreement at the tense Ladakh border.

India on Monday blamed Chinese troops for firing shots in the air to intimidate Indian troops during a confrontation.

India said its troops exercised restraint and did not cross the border.

China had earlier accused Indian troops of violating a bilateral agreement by firing warning shots in the air.

The nuclear-armed rivals have been engaged in a tense standoff in the cold-desert Ladakh region since May, and their defence ministers met on Friday in Moscow in the first high-level direct contact between the sides since the standoff began.

China’s western military command said the incursion occurred on Monday along the southern coast of Pangong Lake in the area known in Chinese as Shenpaoshan. 

On the Indian side, the area is known as Chushul, where the two countries local military commanders have held several rounds of talks to defuse the tense standoff.

After shots were fired, Chinese forces took “necessary measures to stabilise and control the situation,” the command said, in the statement citing spokesman Zhang Shuili. It demanded the Indian forces withdraw and investigate the move to open fire.